Original tour «War and Peace»
Every day, for groups from 2 to 50 persons! The division into teams.
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During its almost 760-year history, Lviv survived more than 300 sieges. The armies of the North and South, East and West stood under its walls. A lot of "scars" that cherish the history of the exploits of its inhabitants can still be seen on the walls of the buildings.

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From 90 UAH. per person  з карткою-пазл.

You don't need to know the city and its history!

You will get this information in an interactive form during the course of a tour.

All you need for the game is a phone (smartphone or tablet) connected to the Internet.
We are sure - you will not get lost! Becouse, we filled our questions with maps and tips. So, you can take quest at any time!

Buttons «Where am I» and «Where to go» always will help you!
1-1.5 hours

Approximate duration of the quest

2-50 people

For group of


Complexity of puzzles


For persons aged 16 years!

10:00 - 21:00

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Tour route – «War and Peace».

During the quest, you can relax in a place you like, and then continue to take it.

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