Scenario writer for writing quests about the city.



- The uniqueness of the scenario;
- Untypical linear and parallel plots;
- A detailed description of the implementation of all the puzzles;
- The use of different types of puzzles — hunting, combinatorics, dexterity, intellectual challenge, analogy, team puzzle, attentiveness, etc.;
- Logic scheme and engineering or a description of the logic of the passage (what interacts with what, how is the team likely to act);
- A list of necessary and desirable things;

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A pattern of work:


We come up with a theme/ideas, a concept and we are waiting for the first plots from you during the specified period.

After that we look at them, discuss, and refine.

When everything is ready, we wait for a ready scenario for the specified time.

Next, we check and make corrections, if necessary.

(Revisions are possible when discussing the terms of cooperation)


A single payment for the written scenario of a quest.

A possible option: payment for the scenario + % of the sale of the quest.




Accompanying guide during quests.



- knowledge of the city and tourist sites;
- active and fun;
- skills to work with different categories of people;

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A pattern of work:


We offer you the date and the time when the quest will be held.

You agree or not.

There is an hourly payment. It is a part-time work.

In different periods, a different number of attending guides is needed in different periods.

More quests take place on Saturday and Sunday. 




A quest sales manager for a permanent job.



- The overall experience in sales - from one year.
- Experience in the field of sales of services (!)
- Quick off the mark, energetic and able to talk with people.


We are the only one in Lviv offering such a format of rest and walks!

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Some advantages:

- A cool product that you can be proud of, which is interesting to sell.
- A comfortable team, nice colleagues.
- Training


Join us and earn with us!


 Taras Kovalchuk


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