Do you like quest rooms?
Do you like various puzzles?
Are looking for an alternative to have a good time?
Now you can take part in quests outside the room!

For the first time in Lviv!
Exciting quests around the city.
All you need for the game is a phone (smartphone or tablet) connected to the Internet.
We are sure - you will not get lost! Becouse, we filled our questions with maps and tips. So, you can take quest at any time!

Buttons «Where am I» and «where to go» always will help you!
All prices are for groups of 3-5 persons. Select date and time by yourself.
1 quest
179 UAH.
3 quests 
30% discount 350 UAH.
5 quests 
50% discount550 UAH.



 Посетите классные места, выполняя задания.
 Разгадайте интересные загадки, сделайте смешные фото.
 Узнайте массу интересных фактов и легенд о городе!