A new kind of rest features interactive walks through Lviv.
You are invited to play and have a good time EVERYDAY!
From 179 hryvnas for 5 participants
«City walks» format will be a perfect fun for:
a company of friends, whose age is of no importance
family rest
students and schoolchildren
corporate event
birthday person
Choose quests by:
age from 8 years old
duration from 1 hour
complexity route

Get an opportunity to receive an overall cost of your excursion back if you don`t like it!

Just leave your contacts now. We will call you back:

Regular original tours around Lviv
Original quests for the dwellers of Lviv.

Choose a quest:

The First Visit to Lviv
The Old Streets of the City
The Adventures of the Stone Lions
The Guards of the City Center
War and Peace
Ten Lviv clocks ( COMING SOON! )
Mysteries of Lviv paving
Small and invisible ( COMING SOON! )
Явища погоди ( COMING SOON! )
Емоційний інтелект ( COMING SOON! )
Смак вуличної їжі ( COMING SOON! )
Забруднення довкілля ( COMING SOON! )
You can take:
Some friends. We recommend you to invite 3-5 people
A smartphone or a tablet with access to the Internet.
Good mood and desire to learn something new.
Everything you need is a cell phone (a smartphone or a laptop) with Internet connection.
We are sure you won’t forget! Our questions are provided with maps and hints. In such a way one can wonder throughout the city in the most wonderful time!

Buttons “Where I am?” and “Where next?” will always help you!