of quests around the city on smartphones and laptops
Would you like such entertainments to be held in your city?

Make your own contribution into it!
Quest about getting out from a closed room have remained in the past.
The time of real-time adventures around the city has come following the traces of mysterious historical events.
Why is it beneficial?
An average cheque for an excursion – quest is 10-20 $.
Absence of rent, monthly payments and other extra rental fees.
Such quests successfully operate in different cities all over the world.
With extension of mobile internet and an increasing number of gadgets among Ukrainians – such entertainments successively become more popular in Ukraine as well.
We are the first in Ukraine to try different kinds of quests on smartphones and laptops.

First of all successful solutions for tourists have been found.

Further on experiments were made and interesting formats for the locals have been left.
Who usually buys such quests?
Corporate clients
Local clients, local citizens
Who usually buys such quests?
Independent tourists
P.S. All visitors of quest rooms automatically become first potential clients!
What do we offer?
A stable and perspective business with income varying from 5 up 50 thous. hryvnas per months even in crisis shall be launched!
What is necessary for this purpose?

Initial contribution 500-1000 $

Investments 100-500 $

Rental fee from 5-10% per month

Pay-off period 12 – 14 months

Energy and desire 
What do we get after launch?

Legal and accounting


systematic (quarterly) training of staff on franchise basis

Business with competitors

minimum competitiveness will help to fix your position in the city


ready application for filling in quests with particular content

Why franchise?
Less number of errors

saving of 50 thous. hrn. at the beginning and at least 5 thous. hrn. per month

Gaining more experience

quick decision making

Your task

plots of quests shall be developed and sold

Higher income

stable monthly income from 5 to 50 thous. hrn.

We were making experiments for 2 years, improving the business model by checking various formats of quests around the city. During the period we were consulting and using experience of European cities. Now we are ready to share this experience and knowledge.

Which quests around the city we offer now? LOOK THROUGH
Especially for support of our franchises

We have developed a complicated document, which includes all our experience and tips for successful launch and promotion of your business. We will be consulting you during the whole period.

If you have any questions
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